I shoot people…

Ok – not literally – but it made you think twice. :)

One of the dreaded tasks you may have is to get a good headshot. One that you will be proud to share because it looks good … not like a deer in the headlights school yearbook picture.

How to get a good headshot? Find a photographer whose work you like – make sure their style of headshots is what you are wanting. Interview them to make sure they know how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Make sure you know the cost involved. Arrive a few minutes early to your appointment to speak with the photographer before she begins the session. Let her know where your headshot will be used.

This past week Susie came into our studio. With the changing times she is going back into financial planning and needed good headshots for her marketing pieces. Nervous, she asked a lot of questions before the appointment. What should she wear – style of makeup – accessories, etc. After the shoot she posted her headshot choices on Facebook. Her friends all sent glowing feedback to her.



One friend in particular wanted images for her high school reunion and for Facebook. Sharon called and we walked through all her questions. She “never” gets a good picture. I reassured her she would be safe in my hands. Her session came and Sharon was delighted with the results! She chose an additional image as she was so pleased with her headshots.



It is always a great feeling to know that a great headshot we have done is set on business cards, in marketing pieces, on Facebook pages… Knowing how important a headshot is in putting your best foot forward, I make sure you look great. I shoot people… well!