The Gift of a Smile

It’s been a busy week here with our studio.  We have started working with the southeast division of AECOM – a global company providing technical & management support services who just consolidated all of their Atlanta offices into a midtown location.    It has been fun meeting all of the professionals working in this location – engineers, planners, landscape architects – to name a few and to hear their stories as I photographed each person in the office.

Headshots are interesting.  How to make each person comfortable in a few minutes, and get them to enjoy the process with a result they will like??    Really – no one truly likes to get their picture taken.  BUT —  We all like to share about ourselves.   So while I snapped  I learned about new babies, hiking trails, the joy of grandchildren, stories of pets, favorite movies – and so much more!

The gift of a smile is wonderful and this week has been filled to the brim with them!  Here are a few of the ones I had the privilege of seeing at AECOM!