I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – or at least a sunny one!

It is a dreary day in Atlanta. Those of you reading this who live here with me in Atlanta know we are so thankful for prayers answered about our need for rain – but C’MON??? I think – on this day – what if it was snow? The beauty of the snow that blankets the land and the trees and makes me feel the quiet. That would be peaceful.

So I choose to make hot chocolate, curl up with a good book, go out to meet friends for dinner – and pretend it is snowing! Very soon, I will have my wish granted as I visit family up north and share their snow. The anticipation of joy to come!

Today, I thought I would offer some of the pictures that are coming from this year’s Norcross Tour of Homes. This was a great tour year – with so many remarkable homes to photograph. As Christmas draws closer, I will offer you, my Internet friends, more of the festive decorations that made this year’s homes unique. Stay tuned! I trust you will have a peaceful Sunday today!