Before they were stars…

When you find a new actor you like on TV or in a movie, do you ever wonder as I do – Where did they come from?  How did they make it to this show?  This movie?  What are they like as a person?  Are they doing the kind of work they hoped to do?

Ebony and I went to downtown Norcross last Saturday for a photo session.  She likes comedy – even talked about liking “That’s So Raven.”  She hopes to start in commercials and work her way to acting in roles that suit her.  She is lovely – quiet and sweet.  She is quick to smile and is confident.  She is kind – as she was leaving the session she was heading to have brunch with teen girls who need the influence of  someone to look up to.

That is who she is now.  It will be a joy to follow her career – to see who she is in a year… in 5 … in 10 years.  To see where her career takes and to wish for her that she enjoys each new opportunity that comes her way.  Who knows?  Maybe I will see her face on the Small screen soon!   How cool would that be?