Moe’s Purse

My purse is a source of endless fascination to my grandchildren.  I feel like a magician because they greet that bag as if it were full of tricks.  They are so very funny because, when I arrive, they attack it with such intensity.  Now you have to know that they are all under 3 when you read this blog.


They will climb just about anywhere to get my purse when I arrive at their home.  Inside some of the wonders include:

  • My pen and pencil case.  Each writing utensil has to be tried out EVERY time.  Pencils are better than pens although I don’t know why.  The most coveted is the highlighter.  That is the top prize and whoever gets it knows they can’t put it down or their sibling will grab it up.
  • I keep my calendar in my purse.  Not having made the leap to the digital age with my schedule I love the feel of physically writing in client and personal appointments into that book.  It is slender enough to travel in my purse and, of course, goes right along with those pencils and markers.  I usually manage to keep their writings on days that have already passed.  Looking back over the year is always fun because I will find their doodles and they make me smile.
  • After the pencils and calendar have worn out their welcome, out comes the small case where I keep Chap Stick and other lipsticks.  This case has a zipper which is a greater challenge but they have learned the art of unzipping and get in there as well.  One granddaughter always asks if she can have my “lips” – her way of wanting to act like me or her mom and add sparkle to her mouth.    With my littlest granddaughter, the Chap Stick appears to be a whole face cream as it goes EVERYWHERE.
  • Keys are cool but they have limited entertainment value.  Until they find how to make my car beep from their living room window – that is hilarious to those happy little children.
  • When they get to my wallet they want to look at every picture and laugh when they know who the people are.  They love to see their own pictures and those of their parents.
  • Like many other grandparents, my cell phone has become their digital playground.  Each time I see a new app that they will play with, I have to download it.  When we get to the phone, they will settle in to playing games on that for a while … coloring dinosaurs, talking to the cat that mimics their voice, playing Toy Story Memory game.

I have carried a purse for so many years  but for the last year it has ceased to become just a way to get all of my stuff to and fro… it is now a memory holder of all of the fun I have seen that Layla, Thomas, Iris and Luke have had with its contents!