International Women’s Month

It’s Women’s history month.  Always think it odd that there is a month for a specific cause.  But we like to do that, don’t we?  We celebrate anything for a month and then – I guess – go back to forgetting the latest honorees.

So – for Women’s month – who do I remember as influential when I was growing up? And why were they important to me? It was mostly people who served others.  Clara Barton.  If you do not know her, she was the founder of the American Red Cross.  Very influential in my choice of thinking I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up… until I met chemistry!


Amy Carmichael.  Mary Slessor.  Two women who most people will not know.  They were woman who pioneered in going to India and Africa in Victorian times when only men went – or if you had a husband.  Woman who helped people in ways that flew against the culture of the day – both in their home countries and where they went to serve.  Rescuing children meant to be given into sex slavery.  Promoting the rights of women and children in cultures where that was not accepted.  Women who made it their life work to help others.  They loved people.

My mom – almost everyone will say that – but it is true.  She served her family of 6 children with love and care.

Who are my heroes today?  …  Brene Brown – am amazing researcher/psychologist who shares her understanding of women and our issues so well that, when you read her books, you know you could sit with her and chat all afternoon.  She gets you.

The women who are core friends.  We have all been through difficult times and we have survived and live life with joy.


My heroes of tomorrow?  I believe they will be my granddaughters: Layla and Iris.  I see in them a joy of life, a determination to be seen and heard, and creative, inquisitive spirits.  I will tell them as they grow of the women I have admired, and why.  I will encourage them to know who they are, and to stay true to what they know.  It will be amazing to watch them grow… to watch them soar!

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