What Is Precious To You?

Grateful to live in a country where life is full of good.   We have so much joy.  So much that is precious. My blog today is from years of joy.   I had a grandmother who loved all of us fiercely and so there are many memories of her visits with us.  She was a strong influence in my life.



Two of the best gifts ever from God!  Children are such a blessing.  What are your best gifts in life?


The joy of friendship

Doesn’t this picture bring memories of your childhood friend?


 The joy of new life.  With all the sorrow and destruction, there is hope with each new baby …

When I see my children with their children I smile broadly.


My two gifts from so many years ago multiplied into 4 of the sweetest and funniest souls I have met to date.

My prejudice shows – I know that!!   How have your joys multiplied?

 Faith… Hope … Love – God teaches us that these are the best of gifts.  Thankful that my life is brimming with them all.  Wishing you the same!

And also … maybe a chocolate milk mustache!