Bowling Fun!

Each year when my kids were small we would celebrate Children’s Day… just seemed fair – they had celebrated Mother’s and Father’s Day!  And so the tradition with grandchildren begins!


Now – who would think that taking kids who are 4 – 4 – 3 and 2 bowling would be a good idea?  It turned out spectacular!!   The afternoon began with them all joyfully running into Brunswick Bowling in Norcross.   I can imagine that the colors and the lanes all looked like amazing to them.  Some surprises about bowling with little kids now.  They have bowling shoes for that age – and they are adorable.  Of course the bumpers come up.  But also they have bowling ramps.  So we let the games begin!


A joy to see all of my family together – cousins getting to know each other more.  And everyone having a great time.  A fun way to spend a Georgia summer afternoon!