Eat, drink, and be healthy!

Every so often, as I have a discussion with a new client about why they are choosing to have a headshot session, I get an interesting response.  That’s what happened when I met Linda Citron, of Citron Nutrition.  Linda intrigued me with discussion on how she enjoys helping people thrive by simple changes in their diets, and taking control of their health!  Cleaner eating, lots of fruits and veggies, and all packaged in an easy to follow pathway to healthier lives.   So we planned her session to showcase that premise!


On the day we met for photography, Linda came glowing … showcasing that her goal of teaching others how to live in good health works is something she knows about!   As I was photographing Linda, her energy shone through.   We captured some wonderful shots for her new website, and I came away with great new ways to a better lifestyle!


Check out her life’s passion: Citron Nutrition.