Do you love summer as much as I do? Yes, we can love summer and still complain when it gets too hot, but c’mon … who doesn’t love all of the freedom to roam outside like you were a kid? Love the fact that it stays light so long? Love picnics and watermelon and baseball and water sports and …   your list may be as long as mine.


Summer is one of the reasons I love to live in Norcross. The concert series that they have each year. Our 3rd of July extravaganza. Eating outside at one of the many restaurants with patios. Running through the fountain at Lillian Webb. Meeting friends as I (sometimes) exercise by walking. And my favorite, Thrasher Park. The walkers who get that much extra mileage from circumnavigating the square park. Where you can see kids running and jumping, swinging and see-sawing. Where families picnic and party. Where the train rumbles by at least once when you visit and all the kids stop to wave and stare.


The joy of Thrasher Park in the summer…