Musketeers – all for one and one for all!

I love stories – especially when the characters in a story come together in ways that are unexpected.  What you don’t always know, at the beginning of a story as you meet them, is how the lives of the characters will intertwine.  How friendships will grow.   How life events will knit them together.


Several years ago, during a rough patch of my story, three amazing women showed up.  Two I knew already, one was new.  And we became fast friends.  I found what I began to call my Musketeers.    You know: “ALL FOR ONE, AND ONE FOR ALL.”   You will be there for each other… there will be laughter & hugs … sharing meals & sharing life.



Life has done that – linked  us together.  We have shared so many joys and sorrows and have become even more than friends – we are sisters.  We met recently at one of the mountain houses of the group.  The pictures say it all…  card games, mountain views, meals together, glasses of wine … many more memories shared.  Looking forward to many more.