Beth: All my life I have loved the art of storytelling…of keeping memories. From my first Brownie camera as a young girl, the joy of friends and family…of life experiences…were in my viewfinder. Capturing your story through pictures of a special day, a special someone or what brings you joy – that’s why I photograph.

Jess: I hate writing these things so I decided to just make a descriptive list of who I am, and hope that will suffice as a bio. Ready for it? I am: a designer . . . a photographer . . . quirky (so I’ve been told) . . . a wife/daughter/sister/friend . . . someone who loves to see people smile and to hear them laugh . . . addicted to Instagram . . . a dog-person . . . a blogger . . . in love with my job.

Our Philosophy: We want to provide you with an enjoyable, personal and professional experience. If you want to know more, please read our RAVES section – we love that our clients come away with the feeling that they have had fun – and now have great photographs to treasure!