Brides…brides…brides… Oh – and grooms

Little Gardens was abuzz with brides… grooms… moms… and more enjoying the first “Romancing the Bride” event ever held at the facility now that Magic Moments has renovated the beautiful 1930’s colonial style home. Gotta love how Magic Moments puts on a top notch event each and every time they open their doors! I love being asked to photograph at any of their venues… Flint HillThe AtriumPrimrose Cottage – and now Little Gardens.

So – back to the event. Meeting brides as they look for the perfect dress… DJ… photographer : ) … is always happy. Questions to ask – How did you meet? How did he propose? always have fun answers.

One bride admitted she stole her fiancee away from another girl while he was on a blind date. He laughed as he told how he made sure the “blind date” went home early because he saw his future bride across the room and had to meet her.

Another couple giggled as they recalled the proposal. He was all ready to pop the question at a romantic dinner till he realized that there was a table of bachelors near by – and that killed the moment. He made his move later in the parking garage, making sure he asked his love for her hand in marriage – before he lost his nerve.

Why do I love wedding photography? Where else can you see so much joy in one day? Always feel blessed to be asked to serve a bride and groom with their wedding story.
PS – thanks to Nick McIntosh – for capturing me capturing the bride and her friends at a recent wedding!
~ Beth

Baby Aaron

Baby Aaron was in the studio on Saturday for his first photo session. He is the newest member of our bebé collection program, joining all of the other wonderful babies we get to see grow up. From what I was hearing that day, he wasn’t too happy with the camera and the lights and all the fuss involved in the picture-taking process, but from what I’ve seen of his session, he looks like he enjoyed it 🙂 Here’s a few of my favorites:

Of course I have to include the foot picture!

I’m looking forward to his 6 month pictures now!


Baby Gavin

Baby Gavin and his parents came in for a studio session last week. I wasn’t here that day, but I just finished processing their images and from the looks of things, Gavin did exceptionally well for his first studio session. 🙂

Baby feet are just the cutest!

I love this one…such a serious little stare…


Ok… first the move of all things Seitz Photography to our new location… then tearing up carpet for a new studio floor… hanging pictures so people can see what we do… meeting with people so they can choose the prints they want created… or with brides as they talk about photographing their wedding – PHEW! we have been busy!
In the midst of the sore muscles and trying to find everything , came 3 women who made us remember the joy of why we do this! Christine – a transplant from CA looking to model in Atlanta… Ashley – an actress needing a new portfolio look … Christy – a young businesswoman up for an award. Each one came in to our lives and shared a bit of their story. It was my pleasure to photograph their beauty and their style in the middle of the boxes still waiting to be unpacked. Thank you, all three, for making it worthwhile to be a photographer – even one who needs Ben-gay to make it through the day!
~ Beth

Movin’ on up…

Yep, I have The Jeffersons theme song running through my head right now which can only mean one thing…the studio has moved!

After months of unsuccessful attempts to re-negotiate our current situation, we decided a studio move would be the resolution that would best serve our clients. So, we still have the same hours, the same mad photography skillz and the same great service–just in a different location not far from the old space.

We’re settling in here quite nicely and I’ll be posting some images of our new home just as soon as I can. For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of album spreads from Amanda and Matt’s album that I finished not too long ago.


It’s a great day for a new blog! (and redesigned website!)

So this is our new blog home! Feel free to look around and make yourself at home here…there’s lots of fun to come 🙂

Our redesigned website also went live today. As with any newly designed site, there will be kinks to fix, so I appreciate your patience while I work to improve things. I also welcome any feedback you could give me on the new site (after all, it is here for you!).

And as always, a post without pictures is quite boring, so here’s a peek at Monica and Doug’s engagement session last weekend. They did a few shots here in the studio and then spent the rest of their time roaming around Norcross. They are such a cute couple! I’m looking forward to seeing their wedding in April!

One of my faves:


Faces from 2009…

As I start 2010 I looked back on the year in faces through our studio. It was a year of changes as we moved from a storefront in the middle of Historic Norcross to our 2 acre studio just around the corner on Sunset Drive. I have several days worth of faces to show all of the fun we had with everyone who gave us the opportunity to serve them with photography! Here are the highlights from the babies… families and individuals who brought joy to Seitz Photography Studio!

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