Happy 9 Months!

Ryan is serious when we meet again.  Now 9 months he is sizing up everything in sight and the day we meet for photography, there is a lot to view.  Going to McDaniel Farm Park in Duluth, it is a crisp cool January morning.  There is something about a January landscape that makes the pictures unique.  A spare beauty in the landscape.  Great backdrop for Ryan’s rich sweater colors and jaunty caps.  Along this first year of life’s journey, it is a joy to see how he has grown – sitting up now and taking in all of life’s events.  Happy 9 months Ryan!

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New Beginnings

January – the month of new beginnings … resolutions… hope for what is to come. What better way to start the New Year than with pictures of a precious newborn!







Happy New Year!

Life flies by. We are already in the 2nd week of a New Year. As I thought of how quickly 2012 passed I was reminded how much all of life seems to be an app that we use to manage: our friends, our work and play time, our love life, our homes… … you add in your app of choice here… Do we forget the pleasure of living in the moment?

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Almost like Tigger!

Gianna … when I see her all that comes to my mind is adjectives:








Gianna remembers me even though we have not seen each other for over a year and we converse as if we are very dear friends – not a 4 year old and a (slightly) older woman.  We discuss what her mom and dad do, visiting with grandmas, what she likes to eat, how she enjoys twirling, maybe a song or two… and yes, she even allows me to take pictures.  Stopping just long enough for each shot, she is then off to see something else so very important in my studio yard.  It is her session and I follow her much like I imagine a paparazzi photographer would do, knowing that good shots will come.

Then we are done – we sit and Gianna lets me teach her “This Little Light of Mine.”  After one sing through she has it down pat.  She is off to enjoy what the rest of the day will bring.  Gina graced my studio with her happy little self and brought JOY!


How is it?

How is it that the moment you hold your newborn baby, it feels as if they have been with you all along?
New moms and dads know that instant bond with the fragile life they now can touch and hug. Old
moms and dads can remember that moment as if it were a minute ago.

When Bob and Tara came to me for wedding photography the smiles that he put on her face were
contagious. They laughed that secret laugh one has when you can’t help yourself – you just love each
other and no matter what they say makes you grin.

To have them come back with their birth of their little guy, Ryan was a treasure. And their small circle
of joy and laughter had expanded to bring him in. Now Bob tells his corny jokes to their little guy… with
such tenderness that you know those words are washing over Ryan with love. And Tara still smiles just
as broadly.

You can see that they have had that moment – they have understood that this life, so very precious, was
meant to be theirs and their hearts are full. I know – when years have passed they too will remember
the joy those first few moments of life held.

So happy to capture some of their moments.

Love Fits…

When loves comes into a life it often shows up when we least expect it.  I have known Vanessa for several years.  She is a talented business woman with her own Spa, and her clients love her for the care she takes with them.  She met Don on a dating site and, as anyone who has been on those can tell you, you don’t always expect much.  Don was quiet but confident. They first met on neutral territory and the rest is, as they say, history.  Love followed quickly.

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Great Mother’s Day Gift

My face is happy, my heart is happy…  I look around and see the remains of Layla, Thomas, Iris, and Luke.  My children gave me a great Mother’s day gift – what I wanted was a picture of me with all four of my grandchildren.   Craziness ensued.    Shyness, finding the right place to sit, planes to see in the sky, trains to hear – so many things captured the fancy of all these sweeties under 4.  And even rain came … but that did not deter us from the mission at hand.  And so we got pictures.

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future yellow jacket


Joseph comes from a long line of yellow jackets … he has an early start to fulfill that tradition!












Moe’s Purse

My purse is a source of endless fascination to my grandchildren.  I feel like a magician because they greet that bag as if it were full of tricks.  They are so very funny because, when I arrive, they attack it with such intensity.  Now you have to know that they are all under 3 when you read this blog.

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Elise Grace


The New Year started with Elise Grace.  Her two names mean My God is a vow of mercy or favor.  Her sweet little face and eyes match her name.







Grace joined Ben, her older brother and MacKenzie, her older sister.





She was a Christmas blessing for Tabitha and Jon.  Their home is sweet with the joy of this new love of their lives.









Welcome 2012 – a new year ready to be filled with delight and happiness.