Laughter and Joy

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.  ~ ee cummings



Based on ee cummings quote – there are no wasted days, I imagine, with Teresa and Chandler.  From the moment they arrived with their grandmother for a photo session, there was uncontrolled mirth!  Too happy to be still, we had fun in Thrasher Park of Norcross finding all sorts of possibilities for photo backdrops.

Alecia has such love for her grandchildren and it shows in their relationship she has with them.   It has been a delight to photograph other grandchildren and this latest shoot left me happy to have been able to capture the enjoyment of life that Teresa and Chandler have for she and Larry.

I cannot look at these images without a big smile on my face!  Hope they bring you, my friend, the same joy!





Holden came to me for photographs on a bright sunny Saturday morning – just after I worked with his aunt, Elizabeth for a high school senior shoot.

When I met Holden, I could see how his name fit him well.  The meaning of the name “Holden” is Deep Valley.   Holden had a way of seriously taking everything in throughout our time together and I could tell he had an opinion about all that we did.

Walking along the tracks in Historic Norcross, he looked at each facet of the railroad– the wonder of all the details showing on his face.   He patiently let me capture the pictures of him that his parents had in mind – there and as we walked in Thrasher Park.

I often think when I am walking through a photo shoot – “How is it that there are no two people alike? “And – as always – “how fun is it that I have the joy of photographing this slice of life!”

So happy to have met you, Holden – will be cool to see you as you grow!














Joy in Family

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” ~Shaw

















Kim made the comment when she picked up her prints this time: “as long as you are taking pictures, my family will be coming back!”

So happy to be able to see this family grow…to share a little bit in who they are…to see their happiness!




Moving Forward

Emerson wrote: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

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Before they were stars…

When you find a new actor you like on TV or in a movie, do you ever wonder as I do – Where did they come from?  How did they make it to this show?  This movie?  What are they like as a person?  Are they doing the kind of work they hoped to do?

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Happiness rolled up in a ball of Joy…

 James is HAPPY. Some babies are content… some are fussy… some are loud… James is fun. He was ready to play when he arrived for his 6 months photo shoot and loved that his dad played behind me – making him grin. Everything was new and exciting, from wiggling in a blanket inside to exploring pine straw and cones outside.

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Storyboard B

You’ll fly away…

There is a song I have come to love called “The One Who Knows” by Dar Williams. The story told within the lyrics is of a parent’s love and care for their child – how we know that our babies will grow and leave us one day – and that we understand our job is to give them the wings to fly away.

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This week I had time to spend with Iris.  Jaime has a phrase that fits her to a T – “ whatever”  – not capitalized … because that would be louder than it should be stated.  Quiet – calm – serene – with peacefulness she meets whatever comes her way!

She was asleep when I came to watch her for the morning –  woke up with a small cry – just enough to be heard and, when she sees me – not her mom, looks as if to say – “Oh you’re here today – whatever

We walk downstairs … Would you like a bottle Iris?  “Yeah- that’s cool”

What about getting dressed for the day?   “Sure – sounds good”

Want to play with your toys?  -“ok”

And so the morning went with “whatever”  …  toys  … exersaucer… cereal… teething ring … her sweet smile rewarding me whenever  she looked over as if to say – isn’t life fun??

 035  IRIS  06042010

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 030  IRIS  06042010

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Isabella is 1!

Cedar Plantation: Travis & Melissa

They marched through the pillars more like they were on their way to a party rather than a solemn affair… and a party it was. A ceremony filled with laughter as Travis and Melissa were married outdoors in a miracle of an evening filled with the sun that we all had prayed for during the early part of the day when the heavens opened up and it poured! A quick service with words of love and promise between two people who have spent so many years already living them.

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