Love in Piedmont Park…

High School sweethearts, they fell in love all over again a few years after graduation. Amanda and Daryl light up when they see each other. Laughing and enjoying each other during their engagement shoot at Piedmont Park – the perfect backdrop for love!

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The woman who knows…

I photographed a woman who knows recently… she knows what she wants, she knows what she likes, she knows who she is… all that and she is not yet 2!  Gianna is a powerhouse of a baby who cruises through her life with determination.  As her mom and I watched the pictures I took of her  through my studio slideshow, we laughed often when we saw the “Gianna look” – loving that she already shows when she is set on something.  It’s a “Katie bar the door” look. 

Her gown was the same one her dad wore when he was a baby so the pictures were doubly special.  

Gianna – so happy to know you as a strong young woman – it will be a joy to watch you grow!

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The thought of what’s to come…

High School Seniors are wonderful to photograph. They usually are at my studio because their mom didn’t like the school photographer. Happy to be there but don’t often have much expectation for anything cool and different – or even anything at all.

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We Are Family

What’s in a name?   Mom – the name we all know because we all have or had one.  Who are our moms – these women we see everyday – who come in all shapes and sizes – who love us for years and years and years?   They all have their own story but, because they are our moms, we don’t always stop to think of them as individuals – their thoughts, their dreams – who they are when they are not a mom.  And we don’t tell them enough how they are loved and appreciated.

I am writing this because tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  Because, even though I am a mom and now a grandmom, I still need my mom as much as ever.  Because my mom is always there – steady, encouraging, loving.    Who was she – you know – before she was my mom?  A graduate from Douglas College with a degree in Bacteriology no less – when most women did not go to college …  first generation born in America …  one of only 2 surviving siblings in her family…  a beautiful young woman who found the love of her life at a friend of her mother’s house.  

Then she became a mom – and that became her life.  Babies came quickly  – six in all.  With each baby my mom’s heart just grew.  She loved us all and then loved all of our spouses – and then all of our children – and now all of our grandchildren.   Proverbs 31 describes my mom so well:  “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future.  The teaching of kindness is on her tongue.  She fears the Lord, and she shall be praised.”

Thank you, Mom for the love you have given – for the joy you showered on all of us – and for the example of a great woman!


Mom & Me 1955

 1960 4 girls 1960



SP3_6703 4 M

How does the meadow flower…

William Wordworth wrote: “How does the meadow flower it’s bloom unfold? Because the lovely little flower is free down to it’s root and in that freedom bold.”

While placing this quote here a beautiful picture forms in my mind of a spring flower popping up, determined to grow strong and beautiful.

Little Meadow is doing just that. Her latest session was blessed with warm breezes and the beauty of spring green. A few pictures from the outside …

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030 hf1 sb MEA 100407

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and back inside for more …
045 MEA 100407

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052 film  MEA 100407

Just be…

If you want to be happy, BE – so says Leo Tolstoy. I think that is why children are so happy. Most have not yet been told that there are expectations of them – they just are – and that is refreshing.

023   HER  03272010

010 gm1  HER  03272010

007   HER  03272010

Ian just is. He greets each new experience with wonder. Now two – I have known him since he was six months old and he has not changed yet. Always happy he runs to see what is ahead when he is at my studio. The new places we find outdoors bring BIG SMILES. 035   HER  03272010

012bwgrain  HER  03272010

 Playful, he loves to laugh- especially when tickled! 043   HER  03272010

049   HER  03272010

Ian – thank you for making the day bright when you stopped by!

double the giggles… double the grins…

  008 gm2  MAI 03202010

When Jennifer and Eddie came in last year with their newborn twins, there were ear to ear grins.  The joy they felt for those two beautiful babies was evident.  Jessie – Molly – and Chester, their puppies, had held first place for quite a while.   They shared the photo shoot and it was fun capturing each personality that day. 

002  MAI 03202010

This year it was just the girls. Well over a year they have distinct personalities. As you view their pictures you will easily see which baby is which. Katie – first born by a teeny bit, is definitely the leader. Carrie is quieter and more studious. Katie makes sure Carrie stays in line… Carrie just smiles as she joins up with whatever is happening.  

030  MAI 03202010

032  MAI 03202010

024  moch sb v MAI 03202010

It is a wonder to see how they fit together as twins and share their world so well. So happy to have seen them at this age. So happy for Jennifer and Eddie to have this joy in their lives. 

048  MAI 03202010

044  MAI 03202010

049  MAI 03202010

037 tea sbv  MAI 03202010

What’s going on in a baby’s mind?


What goes through the mind of a baby? I wonder that all of the time now that I am a grandmother. I don’t think I had much time as a young mom to ponder that subject – or maybe I was just closer to the picture and didn’t question as much.


But now that I have 3 grandbabies (and one on the way!) I do wonder. I marvel at my grandbabies ability to learn so much in the time they have been here.


With my mom and dad in town recently I had time to imagine what it will be like being a great grandmother – how it must feel to see not only your daughter – but her daughter – with children.

SP3_6703 4 M

Iris is the third and the astonishment isn’t diminishing. She is so different from her brother. Quiet, while Thomas is busy. Studious where Thomas rushes in without much thought. I think she will be more cautious where Thomas has no fear.





She is a joy to hug and love and watch her grow and change. She is the 4th generation to have the name Marlene as part of her moniker. I love that she is named for both her great-grandmothers. I love that there as so many years ahead to wonder as she takes each new step in life – learns each new thing – grows into her own wonderful self. I love the thought that someday I will have the opportunity to see her children. Isn’t life good?


Brady graduates!

017 kksf FIS 100315





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003 gm1 FIS 100315





I met Brady a year ago when he was brand new. Each time he visits with me, he lauughs throughout his session! So proud of every accomplishment – and loving life – he shows his joy through his big grin!

049 gm1 FIS 100315





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021 FIS 100315





Thrasher Park in Historic Norcross is a great place to capture the happines of babies as they toddle around all there is to see and do!

Good luck, Brady – on Year Two!!

Jump for Joy!

Hannah bounced into the studio with joy pouring out of her. She was, as she announced, “Ready for my closeup!” We laughed and played and snapped as Hannah enjoyed showing off for the camera. Sheer delight was present as she jumped and smiled and even sat still for a few pictures.

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001  HAN 03072010

021bg3  HAN 03072010

020  HAN 03072010

015  HAN 03072010

014  HAN 03072010

027  HAN 03072010