Aynsley and Scott: After Wedding Session

I love after wedding sessions. They’re perfect for getting more shots of the bride and groom without all the pressure of it being before or after the ceremony. And really, what girl doesn’t want to put her wedding dress back on?

Aynsley and Scott came in for an after wedding session a few weeks ago. I admire Aynsley for getting out there in the freezing cold weather we were having at the time. :-) Despite the cold, their session turned out beautifully.

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Norcross 2009 Tour of Homes

The Foster’s home – on the 2009 Norcross Tour of Homes – was the most Victorian on the tour. Julie and Tom have lovingly restored this beautiful house. Julie, who designs landscapes,  created the perfect backyard for Santa to take a nap while he gets ready for his big night (make sure you scroll to the bottom to see!) I trust you will enjoy this glimpse one of the many beautiful homes in Historic Norcross!!

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