While watching (yet again) one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail, I re-heard one of my favorite lines…

Kathleen Kelly: “Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway, and today, I saw one. It got on at 42nd, and off at 59th, where, I assume it was going to Bloomingdales to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake – as almost all hats are.”

…and it reminded me of how many hats I have in my home.  Some from beach trips, a few from jobs where I have worked, and many – in fact a LOT, from a sweet friend, Miriam.  A woman, from Baltimore, who always wore a hat to church on Sunday.   Not just, I came to know, because she was a pastor’s wife, but truly from a love of hats.


They bring me back to my childhood when my mom wore hats … all women wore hats… Hats were in.  Hats, to me, stated the dignity of that time.

I don’t wear these hats in my home.   I happen to agree with the line, that most hats almost always turn out to be a mistake.  They stay hung up and remind me of days that were different, of  joy from the past.


Happy New Year!

Life flies by. We are already in the 2nd week of a New Year. As I thought of how quickly 2012 passed I was reminded how much all of life seems to be an app that we use to manage: our friends, our work and play time, our love life, our homes… … you add in your app of choice here… Do we forget the pleasure of living in the moment?

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What’s in a name?   Mom – the name we all know because we all have or had one.  Who are our moms – these women we see everyday – who come in all shapes and sizes – who love us for years and years and years?   They all have their own story but, because they are our moms, we don’t always stop to think of them as individuals – their thoughts, their dreams – who they are when they are not a mom.  And we don’t tell them enough how they are loved and appreciated.

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Dogs laugh… but they laugh with their tails – Max Eastman

Daniel Jean – a Pekingnese much loved by his owner was in for his portrait session this week. A year old, he was amazingly calm for the photshoot. Gotta love his warm dark eyes!

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Dog days of summer

I love all animals, but if you asked me to choose one pet to have, I’m definitely a dog person. I came across this list of “Lessons from a Dog” awhile back (I think it was one of those email forwards) and it pretty much sums up why I think dogs rock.

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